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Laurel Zuev
Laurel Zuev

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Before she was Rhoda's mom, pint-sized powerhouse Nancy Walker lit up television screens as Bounty's Rosie, the wise-cracking waitress. The first commercial launched in 1971 and was so successful, Walker reprised the role for 20 years.

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Hints:This CTF has a couple of fairly heavy password cracking challenges, and some red herrings.One password you will need is not on rockyou.txt or any other wordlist you may have out there. So you need to think of a way to generate it yourself.

Typhoon VM contains several vulnerabilities and configuration errors. Typhoon can be used to test vulnerabilities in network services, configuration errors, vulnerable web applications, password cracking attacks, privilege escalation attacks, post exploitation steps, information gathering and DNS attacks. Prisma trainings involve practical use of Typhoon.


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