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Sarin Advisor 5 1 Crack

Sarin Advisor 5.1: The World Standard for Rough Planning

Sarin Advisor is a software developed by Sarine Technologies, a global leader in diamond technologies. Sarine Advisor is designed to help diamond manufacturers plan and optimize the cutting and polishing of rough diamonds, taking into account various factors such as carat weight, cut, clarity, symmetry, and inclusion mapping. Sarine Advisor is the most widely used rough planning software in the world, with over 90% market share.


In this article, we will introduce some of the features and benefits of Sarine Advisor 5.1, the latest version of the software that was released in 2023.

Asymmetric Planning

One of the new features of Sarine Advisor 5.1 is the ability to perform asymmetric planning, which allows the planner to trade off cut grade symmetry against carat weight and/or clarity. Asymmetric planning can result in higher yields and profits, especially for complex or irregular rough stones. Sarine Advisor 5.1 can automatically calculate millions of asymmetric options for both round and fancy shapes, taking into account user-parameterized preferences for different shapes, proportions, symmetry and clarity levels.

Split Rough 50:50

Another new feature of Sarine Advisor 5.1 is the option to split rough diamonds into two equal parts, either horizontally or vertically. This can be useful for large or expensive rough stones that require careful planning and risk management. By splitting the rough into two halves, the planner can compare different planning scenarios and choose the best one for each half. Sarine Advisor 5.1 can also generate printable manufacturing instructions and physical markings on the stones to guide the sawing process.

Split Inclusion

Sarine Advisor 5.1 is fully integrated with Sarine's Galaxy family of inclusion scanning systems, which can detect and map internal inclusions in rough diamonds with high accuracy and resolution. Sarine Advisor 5.1 can use the inclusion output mapping data during the planning process to automatically determine the polished stone's predicted clarity, increasing planning effectiveness and leading to higher profits. One of the advanced options that Sarine Advisor 5.1 offers is the ability to split an inclusion into two or more parts, which can improve the clarity grade of the polished stone or increase the yield.

Polish Wire View Back Lines

Sarine Advisor 5.1 also provides a new visualization tool called Polish Wire View Back Lines, which shows the back lines of the polished stone in relation to the rough stone. This can help the planner to better understand the geometry and proportions of the polished stone, as well as to identify potential problems such as overhangs or undercuts. The Polish Wire View Back Lines can also be used to adjust the girdle thickness and shape of the polished stone.


Sarine Advisor 5.1 is a powerful and versatile software that can help diamond manufacturers plan and optimize their rough diamonds with confidence and efficiency. Sarine Advisor 5.1 incorporates cutting-edge algorithms and technologies that can handle any type of rough diamond, from small makeable roughs to complicated multi-cleave large diamonds. Sarine Advisor 5.1 can also support various sawing methods, including traditional, pie-cut and complicated 3D sawing. By using Sarine Advisor 5.1, diamond manufacturers can maximize their returns based on carat weight, cut, clarity, symmetry, and inclusion mapping.

For more information about Sarine Advisor 5.1, please visit [Sarine's website] or watch [this video]. You can also download user manuals, release notes, installation guides or other helpful documents from [Sarine's support page].


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