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Hitman (2016) Download: The Game that Redefined the Hitman Franchise

Hitman is a 2016 stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It was released episodically for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One from March to October 2016. The game, which has six episodes, is the sixth mainline entry in the Hitman franchise, the first installment of the World of Assassination trilogy, and the successor to Hitman: Absolution (2012). The single-player story follows genetically engineered assassin Agent 47 as he goes on a worldwide adventure and solves a mysterious series of seemingly unconnected assassinations. Hitman features a number of large, open-ended sandboxes that Agent 47 can freely explore. The game presents the player with various assassination opportunities, many of which are unconventional. IO Interactive introduced a "live component" to the game with new content being regularly delivered in downloadable form.

IO Interactive introduced a "live component" to Hitman; new content, which was regularly delivered in downloadable form, includes time-limited missions called "Elusive Targets". If a player fails to kill an elusive target before the mission expires, or alerts targets and allows them to escape, the targets will not return. Players are rewarded for successful killings with cosmetic rewards. Unlike the main game, players cannot save their games when they are completing the Elusive Target missions.[20] "Escalation Contracts", which are contracts created by the developers, include stages that require players to complete tasks such as assassinating a target using a specific weapon or disguise. By completing a stage, players progress through the escalation and the level of difficulty will increase with new challenges to comply with or changes to the level.[21] Hitman: Absolution's Online Contracts mode also returns in Hitman,[22] allowing players to assign up to five NPCs as assassination targets, set requirements for their killings, and share their contracts with and compete with other players.[23]

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Vogt and Elverdam placed more emphasis on the game's narrative because they observed the market wanted "quality drama" following the success of The Last of Us (2013). Vogt noted there was a genre change for the franchise with Hitman (2016); unlike the previous games in the series, which are crime thrillers, the 2016 game is an "agent thriller" that was inspired by James Bond movies such as Casino Royale and has a more "adventurous and aspirational" tone than the older games, which are "cold and cynical".[1] The team elevated the stature of Agent 47 and his targets; 47 is now travelling to luxurious and exotic locations, and assassinating targets who are social elites and powerful criminals. Elverdem said with the genre change, Agent 47 became "the guy you called for the most impossible hits under the most impossible circumstances".[1] To make the game aspirational, it has a "stronger moral compass"[1] than earlier games in the series so the assassinations committed by Agent 47 are more morally justifiable and make more sense in the context of the in-game universe.[1]

Originally, the game was to be released in an "intro pack" that would include all of the base content and locations, six-story missions, three sandboxes, forty "signature kills", a contracts mode with 800 targets, and access to regular events held by the developer. New missions and locations set in Thailand, the US, and Japan were to be released after the game's launch, and a full-priced version was to be released following the release of this post-release content.[56] No downloadable content (DLC) was to be released for the game and no microtransactions were to be offered; new missions, locations, and targets were to be regularly added to the game as free post-release updates.[57][58]

IO Interactive's parent company Square Enix published every episode, and the downloadable and retail releases of Hitman: The Complete First Season, which bundles all of the game's episodes. The Complete First Season was released on 31 January 2017.[73] Because of the game's poorer-than-expected financial performance and Square Enix prioritisation of other properties, Square Enix announced it would divest from IO Interactive and allow the studio's management to buy it out, after which it became independent.[74]

Following the buyout, IO Interactive retained the rights to the Hitman franchise and began self-publishing the game digitally. It released "ICA Facility", the game's prologue, as a free-to-play game in June 2017.[75] IO Interactive then released Hitman: Game of the Year Edition on 7 November 2017 for download; the re-release includes the base game and a separate campaign named "Patient Zero", a remix of the Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado, and Hokkaido episodes.[76] It also includes a new costume inspired by Blood Money, and new music composed by Niels Bye Nielsen.[77] The studio then partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to release the Game of the Year Edition for retail on 15 May 2018. The edition, which is titled Hitman: Definitive Edition, includes the campaign and the bonus episodes, as well as the "IO Interactive's 20th Anniversary Outfit Bundle", which includes outfits inspired by IO's other franchises such as Freedom Fighters, Mini Ninjas, and Kane & Lynch.[78]

Contrary to the developers' expectations, Hitman's episodic format did not succeed commercially. Most of the players purchased the full-priced versions and the sales volume was significantly lower than the traditional boxed release. Due to market confusion over the game's episodic format, even when the game's development was completed, the retail version did not meet publisher Square Enix's expectations, causing it to divest from the studio.[29] Hitman: The Complete First Season was the fourth-best-selling video game at retail in the UK during its week of release, behind Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017), Grand Theft Auto V (2013), and FIFA 17 (2016).[119] Despite the slow start, IO Interactive announced the game had attracted seven million players as of November 2017 and more than 13 million players had played the game by May 2018.[120]

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The player enters the hitman gameplay as a third person. They need to complete an assassination mission and kill their targets to win bonus and prizes. The player has different options to complete their mission and can wield nearly 47 different disguises as per their choice.

These are only the minimum requirements, which means the game will only run on your device if it fulfils these hitman system requirements. But, if you want to enjoy the whole gameplay and its original graphics, here are recommended system requirements -

If your laptop supports all these hitman pc requirements, you can also play the game on your laptop. This game is a paid download and the hitman size is 50GB. So, ensure that your device has enough free space before you play the game.

The Hitman game is available on the official website of the game developer. You can also use Epic Games if you want to download the game for free. It is also available in steam. You can easily find the hitman download link on any popular gaming site or the official site.

You need to click on the available download link after visiting the website. The hitman game size is 50GB. So, having enough space free is your device for proper installation. After the download is complete, you can install the game and play.

This popular stealth game is also available for android devices. You can download it from the Google play store or App store easily. The minimum configuration for hitman download on a device is Android 8.1 or iOS 9.0. Additionally, your device should have 8 GB of free space to play the mobile game.

Attention! All wallpapers of Hitman (2016) on the site were found freely distributed on the Internet or downloaded by our users and are presented for informational purposes only. By downloading free pictures Hitman (2016) to your phone on our website, you agree to review and remove the screensaver from your phone.

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