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Treason S01e01

In Hanyang, Royal Army commander Cho Beom-il investigates seditious posters that have appeared around the capital, alleging the King is dead. He has Royal Guard captain Lee Do-jin execute the local guards for failing to stop the posters. Beom-il orders his soldiers to arrest the perpetrators, and they arrest dozens of young Confucian scholars and take them in for interrogation. Under torture, one scholar denounces the Haewon Cho clan, led by the King's father-in-law, Chief State Councilor Cho Hak-ju. The scholar accuses him of enriching his clan at the expense of the people; Hak-ju replies by accusing the scholar of treason, and for working for the crown prince, Lee Chang.

Treason s01e01


Back in the capital, Hak-ju meets with the other top government officials to show them a letter with conclusive evidence of the scholars' treason. Chief Scholar Kim Sun is suspicious of the informant who provided the evidence, calling the allegations an insult to the Confucian scholars. Hak-ju blames the weakness of the Confucian scholars of leading the nation to ruin, then slams the Sun's head into the table and forces him to accept the evidence, then ordering the arrest of the Crown Prince. Beom-il searches the Prince's quarters, but is told by the servants that the he has disappeared.

In the city, Chang and Mu-yeong interview an orderly from the Royal Infirmary about the whereabouts of Physician Lee. A food vendor tells them that the physician has already returned to Dongnae after his assistant was in a critical condition after suffering deep wounds over his body, as if attacked by a beast. Rather than returning to the Royal Palace, Chang decides to ride south to Dongnae. Mu-yeong tries to discourage him, but the Crown Prince refuses, knowing he will be killed if he stays in Hanyang. He admits the accusations of treason are true: as the son of a concubine, he would be dethroned if the Queen gave birth to a legitimate son, so he plotted the coup to save himself. The only way to save himself and his supporters is to find out the truth about his father's condition from Physician Lee. Meanwhile, Hak-ju and his son Beom-il confirm Chang's destination after interrogating the orderly. Hak-ju sends his son with a small army to apprehend the Prince and keep Physician Lee alive. 041b061a72


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