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Taito Type X ROMs: How to Play Arcade Games on Your PC

If you are a fan of arcade games, you might have heard of the Taito Type X series. These are arcade machines that use PC hardware and run Windows XP Embedded as their operating system. They are known for hosting some popular fighting games, such as BlazBlue, King of Fighters, and Street Fighter IV, as well as other genres, such as shooters, racers, and puzzle games.


But what if you want to play these games on your own PC, without having to go to an arcade or buy an expensive cabinet? Well, there is a way to do that, and it involves using Taito Type X ROMs. These are files that contain the data of the arcade games, which can be loaded and played on a PC using an emulator. An emulator is a software that mimics the hardware and software of another system, allowing you to run games and applications that are not native to your platform.

In this article, we will show you how to find and download Taito Type X ROMs, and how to set up an emulator to play them on your PC. We will also give you some tips and recommendations for the best games to try out.

Where to Find Taito Type X ROMs

One of the challenges of playing Taito Type X games on your PC is finding the ROMs. Unlike console games, which are widely available on various websites and torrents, arcade games are harder to come by, especially newer ones. This is because arcade operators usually keep their machines updated with the latest versions and patches, which are not released to the public. Also, arcade games are often protected by encryption or dongles, which make them harder to dump and copy.

However, there are some sources where you can find Taito Type X ROMs, although they may not be complete or up-to-date. One of them is [], which hosts a collection of Taito Type X ROMs that were uploaded by an anonymous user in 2020. These ROMs include some popular titles, such as BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XIII Climax, and Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX. You can download them individually or as a whole using a torrent client.

Another source is [Emuline], which is a forum dedicated to arcade emulation. Here you can find Taito Type X ROMs for various systems, such as Type X, X2, X3, X0, and X4. You can also find patches, fixes, and updates for some games, as well as guides and tutorials on how to run them. However, you need to register an account to access the links, and some of them may be encrypted or broken. You can use [Mega Link Decrypter] to decode the links and download the files.

There are also other websites and forums where you can find Taito Type X ROMs, but they may not be reliable or safe. Some of them may contain malware or viruses, or require you to complete surveys or pay money to access the files. Therefore, we recommend you to be careful and use antivirus software when downloading from unknown sources.

How to Set Up an Emulator for Taito Type X ROMs

Once you have downloaded the Taito Type X ROMs you want to play, you need an emulator to run them on your PC. There are several emulators that can handle Taito Type X games, but we will focus on one of the most popular ones: TeknoParrot.

TeknoParrot is an emulator that supports various arcade systems, such as Sega RingEdge/RingWide/RingEdge 2/Europa-R/Nu/Nu 2/ALLS UX/Lindbergh/Chihiro/Triforce/Hikaru/Naomi/Naomi 2/Atomiswave/Sammy Seta Visco SSV/Taito NESiCAxLive/Taito Type X/X+/X2/X3/X4/X Zero/Konami e-AMUSEMENT/e-AMUSEMENT Cloud/Namco ES3X/ES3A/ES3B/Sega Model 1/Model 2/Model 3/Capcom CP System III/Cave CV1000/Hardware/Sh3/Ex-Board/P-Cube/IGS PolyGame Master 2/Global VR Vortek V3/Various Others.

TeknoParrot can run Taito Type X games in full screen, with high resolution, and with various input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or arcade stick. It also supports online multiplayer for some games, as well as custom modifications and patches.

To set up TeknoParrot for Taito Type X ROMs, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of TeknoParrot from [its official website]. You can choose between the public version, which is free but may not have the latest features and fixes, or the patron version, which requires a donation but gives you access to the latest updates and beta versions.

  • Extract the TeknoParrot zip file to a folder of your choice. You will see several files and folders, such as TeknoParrotUi.exe, OpenParrotLoader.dll, UserProfiles, and Games.

  • Run TeknoParrotUi.exe to launch the emulator. You will see a window with a list of supported games on the left, and a panel with game settings on the right.

  • Select the game you want to play from the list. If you don't see it, you can add it manually by clicking on the Add Game button at the bottom. You will need to browse for the game executable file, which is usually located in the game folder. For example, for Street Fighter IV, the executable file is called SF4Launcher.exe.

  • After selecting the game, you can adjust its settings on the right panel. You can change the game name, description, icon, and genre. You can also enable or disable various options, such as full screen mode, windowed mode, resolution scaling, mouse hiding, force feedback, and network features. You can also set up your input devices by clicking on the Game Settings button at the top. Here you can map your keyboard keys or controller buttons to the arcade controls.

  • When you are done with the settings, you can save them by clicking on the Save Settings button at the bottom. You can also create different profiles for different games or users by clicking on the Add Profile button at the top.

  • To start the game, click on the Play button at the bottom. The game will launch in a separate window, and you can enjoy it as if you were playing on an arcade machine.

Tips and Recommendations for Taito Type X ROMs

Now that you know how to find and play Taito Type X ROMs on your PC, here are some tips and recommendations to enhance your experience:

  • Some Taito Type X games may require additional files or patches to run properly on TeknoParrot. For example, BlazBlue Continuum Shift requires a patch to fix some graphical glitches and crashes. You can find these files or patches on [Emuline] or other sources.

  • Some Taito Type X games may have different versions or regions that affect their gameplay or content. For example, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has an Export version and a Version 2012 update that add new characters and balance changes. You can choose which version or region you want to play by changing the game executable file in TeknoParrot.

  • Some Taito Type X games may support online multiplayer via TeknoParrot's network features. For example, King of Fighters XIII Climax allows you to play against other players online using a peer-to-peer connection. To enable this feature, you need to create an account on [TeknoGods], which is a website that hosts TeknoParrot's online servers. You also need to enter your username and password in TeknoParrot's network settings.

  • If you want to play Taito Type X games with a more authentic arcade feel, you can use an arcade stick or a custom controller that mimics the arcade layout. You can also use a monitor or a TV that supports high resolution and low latency for better graphics and performance.

  • If you want to try out some of the best Taito Type X games, here are some of our recommendations:

  • BlazBlue: This is a series of 2D fighting games that feature anime-style characters, fast-paced combat, and deep story modes. The Taito Type X series includes BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Blaz Blue Continuum Shift II, and BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma. Each game has its own unique mechanics, such as the Drive system, the Astral Heat finishers, and the Overdrive mode. The games also have a rich lore and a complex plot that spans multiple timelines and dimensions.

  • Street Fighter IV: This is the fourth main installment of the legendary Street Fighter series, which revolutionized the fighting game genre. The Taito Type X series includes Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, and Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game features 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and introduces new elements, such as the Focus Attack, the Ultra Combo, and the Revenge Gauge. The game also has a large roster of characters, including classic fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Ken, as well as new ones like Juri, Rufus, and Seth.

  • King of Fighters: This is another series of 2D fighting games that features characters from various SNK franchises, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and Samurai Shodown. The Taito Type X series includes King of Fighters XII, King of Fighters XIII Climax, and King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A. The games have different gameplay systems, such as the Critical Counter, the Hyper Drive Mode, and the Max Mode. The games also have different story arcs, such as the Ash Saga, the Tales of Ash Saga, and the KOF MI Saga.

Darius Burst: This is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game that is part of the Darius series. The Taito Type X version is called Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX, which is an enhanced port of the PSP game Darius Burst. The game features a wide-screen display that allows you to see more of the action, and a dual-stick control scheme that lets you fire in different directions. The game also has multiple modes, such as Chronicle Mode, Or


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