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Cie 88 2004 Pdf Download

For over 70 years the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has provided recommendations about the precise way in which the basic principles of colour measurement should be applied. CIE 15:2004 Colorimetry represents the latest edition of these recommendations and contains information on standard illuminants; standard colorimetric observers; the reference standard for reflectance; illuminating and viewing conditions; the calculation of tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates, colour spaces and colour differences; and various other colorimetric practices and formulae. This publication is consistent with the fundamental data and procedures described in the CIE Standards on Colorimetry.This publication, which replaces CIE 15.2 (and is not to be known as 15.3!), includes details of the CIE DE2000 colour difference equation; spectral power distributions for sets of halophosphate lamps, DeLuxe type lamps, three-band lamps, multi-band lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and high pressure metal halide lamps. The nomenclature for the recommended geometries has changed, and there are even changes to the equations defining the parameters of the CIELAB colour space!The publication is accompanied by CD-ROM that contains all the tables of standard and recommended spectral distributions and a program (for Windows operation systems) to perform interpolation of spectra related to reflection or absorption measurements. Some of these colorimetric tables are also free available to download under Selected Colorimetric Tables.Thus this publication represents the colorimetric state-of-the-art and should find a place on the bookshelf of every colour scientist.The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 79 pages with 17 tables.The following members of CIE TC 1-48 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

Cie 88 2004 pdf download


Due to the problems associated with lighting the entrance zone of tunnels and to reduce the possibility of accidents in these areas, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) [9] developed the standard CIE 88 in 1990. According to CIE 88-1990, the amount of light required at the beginning of a tunnel has been determined based on the average luminance in the 20 conical field of view to avoid the black-hole phenomenon [10]. In CIE 88 version 2004, the luminance required to prevent the black-hole phenomenon at the entrance to a tunnel was more precisely determined. Studies have revealed that the application of these guides can effectively reduce the incidence of road traffic accidents [11].

The first step to assess the safety level of lighting at the entrance of tunnels is to determine the average luminance at the entrance of the tunnel (Lth). For this purpose, the luminance meter (model S3; Hagner, Solna, Sweden) installed on a stand at the centerline of the road, at the eye height of drivers and at an angle of 1 below the line of sight; luminance was measured in the network center (Fig. 4). Then, luminance in other parts was measured according to standard CIE 088:2004. The longitudinal distance between measurement points was considered 4 to 5 m and the transverse distance between them was 1/6 road width [11], [16], [17]. According to the IESNA-LM-71-1996 standard guideline, luminance on tunnel road surfaces can be measured using six test points per traffic lane. These test points are arranged in right, left, and lane-centered pairs that form a rectangle. A tripod-mounted luminance meter is placed at a distance of 83 m from the midpoint of this rectangle. The right and left boundaries of this rectangle run inside the traffic lane (at 1/6th the traffic lane width and parallel to lane edges), and contain the right and left test points, respectively (Fig. 4) [16], [17].

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